Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pyrenees D of E Gold Expedition July 2014 with Simon Langton School, Canterbury.

Team Wizards

Team Fat Fingers
A group of 12 students from Simon Langton Boys School made the journey from Canterbury to the Eastern Pyrenees to complete their 4 day/3 night Gold D of E Expedition with Pyrenees Mountain Adventure.

The trip included a training day before and a rest and relaxation day (visiting the castle in Carcassonne) after the of the expedition. (2 - 8 July  2014)

In the the words of the assessor:

(*Insert name*) and (*his/her*) team successfully completed one of the most arduous Gold expeditions I have assessed. The expedition was centred around the Puig Peric, deep in the French Pyrenees mountains. The team averaged 10 hour mountain days, reaching a height of 2600m on their 3rd day. 
(*Insert name*) and (*his/her*) team demonstrated great personal determination, which was enhanced by a fantastic sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Despite very tough conditions, including torrential rain, thunder, lightning, snow patches, high temperatures and extremely difficult terrain at times, (*Insert name*) and (*his/her*) team remained in high spirits, keeping each other motivated through humour, encouragement and obvious great friendship. Small but important lessons were learnt in navigation and campsite selection, but all in all a brilliantly executed Gold expedition, which really embodied the ethos of the award. 
A huge note of thanks to the 1st class safety supervision team who made it possible.
Mo! ML
Fantastic scenery - Pic Carlit

Wildlife - Mouflon

Challenging Weather conditions on Day 4

Post expedition rest and relaxtion. Visting Carcassonne Castle

The staff Dream Team reunited again

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