Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roc del Boc and Tour d'Eyne

As you drive towards Mont Louis across the Capcir plateau, ahead of you is a fantastic panorama of mountians.

The plan today was to walk the ridge in the middle of the photo starting from Planès. This is the peaceful hamlet where the Pyrenees Mountain Adventure holidays have their accommodation. This walk is not in the standard programme but that programme can be adapted to suit your experience and wishes.

Roc del Boc (2774m)
The main peak on the ridge is Roc del Boc which can be seen in the photo above. To the right on the skyline is the Tour d'Eyne (the next main peak on the ridge) and ridge that forms the backwall of the cirque/cwm of the upper Planès Valley.

Summit Roc del Boc (2774m)

The weather was hot and sunny with a gentle breeze at times which fluttered the Catalan flag on the summit.

Towards the Tour d'Eyne (2831m)
From the Roc del Boc, the ridge continues towards the Tour d'Eyne including a section of scrambling.

Short Section of Scrambling
It was soon after this rock step that I came across a young Isard or Pyrenean Chamois. You can clearly see the 2 horns between the ears and the size of these relative to the ears can be used to age the animal. Later on 3 vultures gave me a fly past and just before starting the descent into the Planès valley, I was able to watch 30 or so Choughs. I didn't see any marmots but they were there for sure. I could hear the distinctive warning whistles on several occasions.

 From the Tour d'Eyne there were great views back along the way I had come.

View From the Tour d'Eyne
From the Tour d'Eyne I traversed high above the cirque/cwm of the upper Planès valley and then it was time to descend to the valley floor and Planès. The other side of the cirque/cwm gave a great view of the Roc del Boc and the ridge.

Descent to the Planès Valley.